The second week of the Goal Project starts off with me wearing spiked shoulder pads, face paint and sporting a mohawk.
Seriously. That’s how I roll.

What a Rush!

Ok, so I wasn’t dressed as a member of the Legion of Doom? Wanna fight about it? No? Good. The beginning of the day was a bit earlier than normal.

I started off on the road to Indianapolis for work at 0600! I only had to wake up about 20 minutes earlier than normal. I did not have time, however to write. My weight was up to 249. More unfortunate is that I broke 2 chains today…

None! Did you read anything from me? Sorry, no need for hostility. It was oddly difficult to keep myself from turning on the laptop and typing away.
Chain Length: 0 :(

After putting in a 12.5 hour day, as soon as I got home I took my daughter to pick up some soccer gear for her first Soccer practice. When I finally got settled in for the night, I wasn’t awake long enough to read anything. Therefore, I read nothing and I liked it.
Chain Length: 0 :(

This was difficult as it is everyday, but I managed to maintain. In fact, the only total that was over was my sugar intake! Being on the road and in the car for roughly 8 hours is boring. When I am bored, I like to eat. I’m giving myself a Barry Horowitz on this one!

Chain Length: 8

Pat on the Back!

Calories: 1510/2040 | Carbs: 242/281 | Fat: 38/68 | Protein: 43/77 | Sugar: 93/41 | Sodium: 2310/2500

The day began as a consumer and not a producer. I also dined out, which is understandable due to the fact that I was on the road all day. Some difficulty to be sure, but I am encouraged that I was able to continue the Diet chain. I was unfortunately sore again at the end of the day, so I will probably wait a few more days to fully start back into the exercise goals.

The Most Interesting Man in the World has Inside Jokes with complete strangers.

This Guy!